Brendan Ryan

I had both knees reconstructed 20 years ago and now suffer arthritis, but this OzHealth Arthritis Cream is the best, it stops pain straight away and lets me do things. Is also good for lower back pain which I have too. *Results may vary from person to person.

Robyn McGuire

I would like to tell you how fantastic I’ve found OzHealth Arthritis Pain Relief Cream. Three weeks before our holiday of a lifetime, four weeks in Canada an awful pain began in my left knee. My knee was making awful grinding noises and locking on me so I was unable to walk without difficulty. It […]

Ray Burn

I used to struggle to play my weekly golf game, after 9 holes I started to wish it was over. OzHealth Arthritis cream was terrific; it relieved my pain so quickly. I just apply it twice a day and it helps me walk better. Now I can enjoy my 18 holes and I don’t even […]

Sonia Longworth

I’ve had a lot trouble with creams in the past as they give me allergies, OzHealth Arthritis Cream however really took me by surprise as it was so soothing, with no lingering residue and it also acted as a moisturiser. Within only a few minutes it was completely absorbed, I didn’t even have to wait […]

Mahrous Mitry

My work has me always kneeling, squatting, going up and down long stair cases, my knee consequently developed severe arthritis and I had to have surgery. I’ve tried countless medications prescription and other products, tablets, creams and gels, but there has been no product that relieved my pain and swelling as quickly and effectively as […]

Cheryl Gall

My arthritis was a problem with normal everyday things: going up and down stairs, just sitting in a chair, getting up, using a computer, a mouse…I started using the cream with my physiotherapist after many clients found amazing results with it. I’ve been using the cream for a few months now and my arthritis is […]