Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2013


Worth Every Cent

Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2013

I saw it on TV and decided it was worth a go, as doing without pain killers would be bliss (the makers are clear that not everyone benefits from them as all headaches are different). Well – I had the beginnings of a migraine this week, and used the cefaly. It looks like you’ve put your glasses on wrong and stuck them to the middle of your forehead instead of on your nose, it felt like my brains were being churned through a dough maker at the same time as they were being zapped with a cattle prod and then squeezed in a vice – BUT – it worked! Migraine packed its bags and left. Amazing. Doing the happy dance!

Extremely Helpful

Posted by Sharon on 23rd Aug 2013

I have had migraines for 20 years. I have been using the Cefaly device for three weeks. Twice per day on the second setting (prevention). I have noticed a reduction in both the number and severity of headaches (which I would have daily) as well as migraines. The sensation takes a little bit of getting used to, but after the first session I had no problem with it and it is actually quite relaxing, even on the highest setting. I have also noticed my sinus pain has eased. I would highly recommend this product based on my early experience with the device. I would imagine that it would work best if used consistently (as I have so far) in respect to prevention. The device itself is very light and comfortable.

It Works makes a big Diferance

Posted by Neil on 9th Aug 2013

I constantly suffer from headaches that threaten to turn into full on migraine. Using the cefaly reduces the amount of medication I use for these headaches. I have had only two headaches turn into full migraine in two months but even then they were not as bad.

Love It

Posted by Jeff on 6th Aug 2013

First time use was scary but I now use it regularly on lowest setting 3. It cleared up the constant fogginess in my head after 1st time use and my thought process has remained clear since. I made myself an adapter flexibly wired to another electrode plate on an elastic band that is plugged into the Cefaly socket so I could use it on the side of my head. The immediate effect of removing the constant pressure after so many years in this side area was wonderful. It might be worth the Cefaly developers to consider marketing something similarly flexible. Regards Jeff

Great device

Posted by Serena scott on 6th Aug 2013

This celaly has helped me to stay out of hospital. I have been getting daily migraines for the past year. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I am still getting migraines but not as bad.

headache relief

Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2013

Relieves my headache and prevents it from developing into a migraine – no migraines since I started using the Cefaly Device. I use the device at the onset of a headache and after twenty minutes the headache is gone and I feel so relaxed. Have lent to my sister with similar results.

Relief at last

Posted by Bronte on 20th Jul 2013

I have been a headache sufferer all my life, and have tried the miriad treatments and pain relief that are all ineffective. Just before signing up for Botox treatment, (at $1000 per treatment with no rebate)I bought my Cefaly. I was wary of the accompanying marketing hype but was proved wrong, and am now enjoying a new lease of life, waking up headache free in the morning.Thank you so very very much .

Headache Centre of Victoria

Posted by Dr Peter Selvaratnam on 17th Jun 2013

I have been prescribing the Cefaly to my migraine and headache patients and I have found it very effective. One of my patients with migraine for 10 years was taking Prednisolone (steroids), antibiotics and Panadeine Forte for 10 years. Since using the Cefaly daily she has ceased taking the tablets and has had only one episode in 6 weeks. Similarly others with headaches with Bruxism, temperomandibular disorders have had a good effect as do patients who are dealing with lifestyle stress. It is best to have a Physiotherapist or a medical practitioner who is familiar with the Cefaly to assess the intensity of the stimulation and the time required for treatment. Dr Peter Selvaratnam, Headache Centre of Victoria

Excellent Results

Posted by Victoria Gilbert on 19th Apr 2013

Tyler my son is 12 years old and he has suffered migraines since he was about 6, he would get up to 10-12 migraines per month. He has been formally diagnosed at the sydney childrens hospital. Tyler is a smart boy he is in the selective class at school and wants to be a doctor he has always been a great student however now in high school his migraines have really effected him and he misses so much school and has to medicate alot, he even got a “D” in one of his subjects this is unheard of in his whole school life he is and has always been an “A” student so I believe his absence because of his migraines has really effected him which has been a worry. Tyler has now been using the Cefaly for about a month everyday for 20 minutes in that month he has not medicated once and he had only a very mild migraine which dissapeared before it manifested into a full blown migraine, to me he appears more calmer in manner as well. thankyou kind regards Victoria Gilbert


I have my life back!!!

Posted by Debbie on 11th Apr 2013

After 6 years of daily migraines which have totally impacted my life and my family, the Cefaly is the first thing I have found (apart from heavy duty narcotics) which works!!! ……and believe me I have tried everything and spent many tens of thousands of dollars on specialists, medications, alternative health etc. After only one week, I have reduced the amount of medication I’m taking and have found the cefaly gets rid of the migraine even if only for a little while (which is more than I had before). I am so thankful I have found the device and am telling everyone I know!!! My family can’t believe the change in me….it’s like I’m a new person, no longer spending all day in bed or a recliner chair! Thankyou so much!

Amazing Results – Really Works!

Posted by Mina Hanna on 8th Apr 2013

I have suffered for a number of years from acute headaches associated with a neck injury sustained in an accident. I have, in the past, resorted to going to chiropractors, physios and acupuncturists for relief as well as using pain killers. I was recently introduced to Cefaly by a friend. Since using Cefaly, I have noticed a marked decline in the number and severity of headaches. I use Cefaly about once a week to keep the pain at bay. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to those who need it.

Imagine something that magically takes it away!

Posted by Darthallin on 21st Dec 2012

Pros fast immediate relief., no medication needed., easy to use.. look like a superhero. :) I must admit that I was very skeptical about this purchase at first. Worried that if I tried it and “felt better” that perhaps it was just a placebo effect. …not the case! I am so happy to have this product for my migraines. It just works and I didn’t really believe it would …I sure do now! I can’t say if it works for everyone the same way but it worked well for me. My pain was just above my eyes on the edge of the socket and across my forehead. Love it

Love It!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

This arrived on a day that I had a migraine and I put it to work immediately. I must say it was very helpful! Not only do I use it for migraine relief but I use it daily for stress relief. It is very comforting, soothing and yet energizing. I was very skeptical that it would do all that it claims, but I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to reduce my migraines. My migraines are debilitating and I recently had to quit my medication so I am very thankful for this alternative therapy. The only improvement would be for additional electrodes to be provided as part of the package. I did purchase more as I have a son who suffers with migraines as well, but this is an additional cost that we will likely incur from regular use; as they are only good for approximately 10 uses. Overall it was a smart investment though and well worth the price. I’m quite happy with the Cefaly and my 16 year old son is too!


Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

I have had headaches for several years and was basically giving up and was depressed and desperate. I started to feel a difference in around the time I was about call up and say its not work (a few weeks). The intensity of the session #1 and #2 were hard to take but stuck it and now find it more tolerable. I figured – more pain, more gain :) What a difference it has made in my life and it ABSOLUTELY WORKS!

Great Results

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

I have miagraine, cluster, and sinus headaches. This product works for me. At the onset of a headache I put the device on and most times wind up so painfree and relaxed that within 20 -30 minutes I fall asleep. I do not use it everyday, just for headaches. I loaned it to a friend and he had the same positive results.

Changed my life

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

I have been suffering from Migraines for many years, and nothing has worked until now. While I will agree, the feeling is very “intense”, it is still better than having a migraine. After the 20 minute session, my migraine is usually either gone or much more manageable. I no longer lose a whole day being knocked-out by all the heavy medication I was taking. The Cefaly has truly made a significant change in my life.

Very Impressed!!

Posted by Meeka on 21st Dec 2012

I have only had this little device for a few weeks – but so far I am very impressed with it. I have used it in the midst of a headache (twice now) and within a few 20 min sessions – my headache was gone. The 3rd setting which is used for stress/anxiety/relaxation is amazing – I love it! Besides working on a terrible headache – it doubles as a relaxation machine! My Neurologist has also recommended it be used twice a day as a preventative measure for my headaches – so far so good. Having suffered from migraines for years – and tried a variety of drugs – as well as getting botox injections for the last 6 years – to finally find something that works that is drug free is amazing! I highly recommend it!

Completely Changed My Life!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

Amazing! I love this product! Having suffered with severely debilitating migraines since I was 13 (now 32), I was hesitant to try Cefaly. Recently I was told to stop taking my migraine medication (Zomig & a daily Beta Blocker), and so had nothing to lose by trying. Previously I would suffer with a migraine once every couple of weeks and it would last for up to 3 days. It has been over two months and I have only suffered with 4 days of migraines and these were way less severe than normal, as I was still able to function relatively well. I now use this product daily as a preventative. I discussed this product with my Neurologist and Chiropractor and was told that it may work well for some people and not at all for others, but regardless would not do any damage to my body. I am very satisfied with Cefaly recommend it to everyone I know suffering from migraines.

Great Product!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

I’ve suffered with migraines for 20 years. I’ve tried medications to prevent and for acute attacks. I figured that I tried everything else why not this? My migraines are gone within minutes of using the device. It has changed my life! I now know that if I get a migraine, I wont be in bed all day.


This is COOL!!!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

My wife suffers from migraines and I get tension headaches. We were both sceptical. We have both tried it and have been amazed at how well it works. It has completely alleviated any headache that I have had and my wife’s migraines were relieved and the frequency has been reduced by about 75 percent. For us, it is absolutely worth the cost

Relief at Last

Posted by Jojon on 21st Dec 2012

After 27 years of migraine and neck tension headaches, this product is a blessing. I woke up with a severe headache the day it arrived. First treatment cleared the headache for 3 hours, the second treatment cleared it and it was 2 weeks before I experienced a tension headache – 1 treatment for 20 minutes and ‘Voila’ – all gone. No more meds for me – thank you for this wonderful product – worth every penny! The replacement electrodes are a bit expensive, but I simply put a bit of water on them before storing to keep the moist- makes them last a lot longer

Best Purchase Ever For Headache

Posted by Jankro on 21st Dec 2012

I was a little skeptical when I bought the unit since I get migraines followed by tension headache. This device is a life saver. It really helps both the migraine and tension headache. It was worth the money.

Very happy and surprised…

Posted by Cham on 21st Dec 2012

I get migraines all the time. After research I saw this product and being sooo tired of the dreadful pain and being stuck in the house all the time, I decided to try it. What did I have to lose. At the start of a migraine that usually lasts 3 to 4 days I was very surprised that it lasted only 2 days and half of the pain. It is incredible and to say that I had the Cefaly only 2 weeks but I am sure it’s really gonna work…FINALY

a bit pricey but well worth it!

Posted by Unknown on 21st Dec 2012

Quick delivery to begin with. As soon as it arrived, I was excited to test it out. Although I wasn’t suffering from a headache, this product has 3 different settings- including one for stress relief and general well-being! So far, very satisfied. Pretty confident of this products capabilities. Would definitely recommend!


Relaxing & Stress Relief

Posted by Enza on 18th Oct 2013

I am a chronic migraine suffer for over 20 years, since using Cefaly I have noticed that when I get a migraine the recover time is quicker and that they are not as severe as I use to get them. I also find that Cefaly helps with stress and is very relaxing, I am sleeping much better at night. Thank you

Very comfortable

Posted by Sharon on 23rd Aug 2013

I have reviewed the Cefaly device separately and also gave it a five star rating. The electrodes are very comfortable. Sticky surface lasts well.

Miracle cure !

Posted by Bronte on 6th Aug 2013

Usual story – lifelong headaches, tried every drug on the market with little relief, and just miserable.I am very grateful to whoever invented this device as I am now headache free, something I never thought was I was going to be. Thank you so very much

Zapping your Migraine

Posted by Kris Gallagher on 6th Aug 2013

I have used the Cefaly Anti-Migraine Device with the Cefaly Electrodes to manage a consistent/continuous headache that goes up into migraines for 11 months. The device has not stopped the head aches but allows me to manage the head aches and reduce the onset of migraines. It has not stopped the migraines but has reduced there severity.