PodiMe Innersole

PodiMe Innersole

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Comfort for:

  • Bunions
  • Sore Heels
  • Aching Legs
  • Plantar Fasciitis/Foot Pain
  • Collapsed Arches


PodiMe is an Australian owned foot care company, established by podiatrists which provide podiatrist and health care professionals with high quality foot care products. PodiMe has designed its own “Podiatrist only innersole” which is only available to podiatrists for their patients. The Innersole was designed by podiatrists providing a firm arch support, which aims at reducing stress on surrounding tissues. This provides comfort to your feet, consequently alleviating foot discomfort. It is of fundamental importance that a podiatrist fits you with your innersole as they are trained with great emphasis on lower limb health. The majority of their work is around the foot and ankle in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot conditions.

Wearing Instructions

Orthotics need to be worn gradually to allow your feet to adapt to them. Remember to remove your innersoles before placing the orthotics in your shoes For the first day wear the orthotics 2 Hours then remove. Please place your old inserts in your shoes when you are not wearing your new orthotics. Increase the orthotic wearing in period by one hour each day until you can wear the orthotics for a full day without any issues. Wearing your orthotics in too quickly can commonly cause blistering. This wearing in phase should take approximately 7 days Do not complete any high intensity activities in your orthotics until you can wear them all day without discomfort. Minor muscle soreness is completely normal and a part of the wearing in period. Your orthotics should be checked by your podiatrist after 6 weeks to ensure they are functioning and working well. This also provides an opportunity to make any small changes that may be required. Please also make sure you have an annual orthotic review appointment to ensure they are working in the intended way and no damage has taken place.

Podi-Me Innersole Size Guide

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