Podiatrist Formula Nail Revive Counter Display Unit (6 units)

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Nail Revive is a topical nail treatment, clinically proven to rapidly restore the appearance of Fungal Nails or Discoloured Nails.

77% of users see improvement in just 2 weeks!


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*1 Counter Display Unit (CDU) contains 6 units

Podiatrist Formula Nail Revive

Nail is a topical nail product proven to rapidly restore the appearance of Fungal Nails or Discoloured Nails.

Well Designed Counter Display Unit, with all selling points on the back, perfect for placement on the counter for quick sales.

Nail Revive is a Revolutionary product Made in Australia & Formulated by a team of Dermatologists.

All the other products on the shelf only work if there is a fungal infection. Nail Revive is the only product that’s broad acting and works on fungal, bacterial, physically damaged nails. It also helps with chemically damaged nails such as yellowing caused by nail salons. Nail Revive also helps manage nail psoriasis.

Nail Revive has a unique action, promoting repair with rapid visible improvement after 2–4 weeks. Application is simple, just apply once a day without the need to file the nail

How does it work?

Nail Revive utilises 4 core ingredients delivered with an advanced applicator which has a silicon tip, one-way valve (prevents contamination)

  • Urea
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Propylene Glycol

These ingredients have powerful penetrating ability allowing them to penetrate directly into the nail bed (without the need of filing) where the infection lies and changes the micro-environment of the nail making it inhospitable for fungus AND bacteria – rendering Nail Revive as Fungicidal and Bactericidal

How to use Nail Revive?

  • Apply Nail Revive once daily to affected nails, preferably in the evening just before bedtime
  • Hold the point of the tube onto the nail and press lightly
  • Apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the nail
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes

Duration of use varies according to the extent of the nail’s discolouration/damage. It normally requires at least 3–6 months of use (as this is how long it takes for the nail to grow out), but visible results can often be seen already after 2–4 weeks. For optimal results, this should be continued until the new nail has grown out.

Why use Nail Revive?

  • Clinically Proven Formula (Clinical study published in the International Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 2011)
  • Visible results in only 2 weeks
  • 92% success rate in 3 months
  • Easy Application – Once Daily, No Filing
  • Cost Effective – 3 month supply for 3 affected nails
  • Nail Revive is Fungicidal, Bactericidal and indicated for management of Nail Psoriasis
  • Nail Revive also works for any kind of discoloured nail (fungal or nun-fungal) for example discolouration due to trauma or chemical damage.
  • Has been on Current Affair program “Today Tonight” twice
  • Safe for Pregnancy and Lactation

Why not try Nail Revive today?

Nail Revive is available for purchase on our website and in most Pharmacies and Podiatry Clinics near you.


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