Cookie Diet – 1 Month Variety Pack

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Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet – 1 Month Variety Pack

Support your weight loss goals the convenient way with our most popular seller, the 1 month variety pack. This pack is a great way to start or maintain using the cookies as you get one week of each of our tasty flavours.

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Product Description

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet – 1 Month Variety Pack


In this pack you receive:

  • 1 Box of Chocolate Brownie
  • 1 Box of Butterscotch
  • 1 Box of Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • 1 Box of Maple Pancakes

Note: 1 Box = 1 WEEK SUPPLY each with 7 resealable bags of the same flavour

Physician and author Dr. Sanford Siegal has been helping people lose weight for more than 40 years. His famous Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies have been used by more than 500,000 people since 1975. Use Dr. Siegal’s cookies to satisfy your hunger as part of a balanced diet of 1,000 to 1,200 totaly daily calories (4,000 to 5,000 kJ)

Why use Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET®?

  • Great Value – 63 cookies per box!
  • Medically Proven Weight Loss Meal Plan
  • Convenient Diet – easy to stick to
  • 4 Great Flavours
  • Celebrity Favourite
  • Special Formula comprised of a combination of amino acids which Naturally Suppresses Hunger
  • Made in Australia Using Dr. Siegal’s Formula

How to use Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet?

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has 4 Tasty Flavours:

  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Maple Pancakes
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Butterscotch


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Consult your doctor before starting any diet. Your doctor may have reasons why you should not follow a particular diet. Always consume at least 1,000 calories a day (or more if instructed by your doctor). Drink about 2 litres (8 glasses) of water or other calorie-free beverages per day.. For best flavour, this product is not fortified with vitamins or minerals. You should take a daily multivitamin approved by your doctor while following a calorie-restricted diet. For a balanced calorie intake we recommend that you do not exceed 9 cookies per day.

19 reviews for Cookie Diet – 1 Month Variety Pack

  1. Lisa-Marie Farnhill

    I have been on the cookie diet for 4 weeks. I eat 1 to 2 cookies every 2 hours and dinner. For my dinner I have either fish, chicken fillet or a piece of lean meat with a generous serving of vegies or a garden salad. Before trying the cookies I loved to snack on chocolates, potato chips and after dinner choc chip icecream was my favourite, but in the last 4 weeks instead of having icecream I ate a cookie and the cookie, which I did not believe at first would work. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet actually worked, the cookies suppressed my appetite and have successfully stopped my cravings for sweets. My favourite cookie flavour is Maple Pancakes which you have to try first it’s yummy! I recommend dr siegal’s cookies to any one who wants to lose weight and that has tried other diets and failed! I have lost 7.5kg and 13.5cms off my waist line in 4 weeks and I am so happy and proud of myself. I have tried many diets before and gave up but with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet I saw results in the first week and I have not looked back and I am continuing to see more weight loss and I hope to reach my goal weight in the next few months. I would like to thank Dr. Siegal for making these amazing cookies. Since I have lost 7.5kg, I have been more motivated to do exercise and my self esteem has risen. Who ever tries Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet I wish them all the success, good luck, have fun and what ever happens don’t give up.

  2. Thomas Clarke

    I’ve been following the cookie diet during the day and just eating whatever I want at night, still drinking energy drinks and still enjoying what I eat – including desserts – with no/little exercise, and I still managed to lose 6kg in under 2 weeks :) all I changed was I only eat cookies during the day, I changed my diet to this: wake up at 8/9am – eat 1 cookie, at 10am – eat 1 cookie at 12pm – eat 2 cookies, at 2pm – eat 1 cookie, at 4pm – eat 1 cookie, at 6pm – eat 1 cookie and then I have dinner when I get home around 8/9pm plus a dessert afterwards (usually) and a soft drink – and I eat some wasabi peas while I’m driving home – and it WORKS!

    Thanks Dr. Siegal and thanks to OzHealth for bringing it.

  3. Melanie Fletcher

    Thank you I will be ordering more as they are just so easy and convenient to eat. I love this diet as you can still eat what you like for dinner and see results. I started at 86kg and I now weigh 70kg I lost it all in about 3 months. I am now happy to say that I am back to my pre baby weight and I don’t eat them all the time now I do indulge a little and I still keep the weight off. However I have a goal of 65 to get to so I am going back on the cookie only during the day to help me get there. I also will add that during the 3 months I only did exercise once a week and that was only weight training just to tone up as well. So thank you again I have recommended this diet to a few friends and they also have had great results.

  4. Bianca Trenholme

    Good Morning OzHealth Team, Thank you for despatching my order so quickly. My mother and I have been using the cookies for about 2 and a half months now and are finding them to be amazing! They are so delicious and really do stop cravings as well as suppressing our appetites. Earlier this year I lost 7kg which I have been struggling to maintain until I started using the cookies. I have now been able to keep the weight off and start achieving my new weight loss goal of losing another 5kg. My mother has been quite over weight for many years and she has tried literally diet there is too loose the weight but has always been unsuccessful until now. After 2 and a half months on the cookies she has now lost an amazing 14kg! With our next batch of cookies that we have just ordered she aims too loose another 15kg. Thank you for supplying us with an eating plan that works!! Best Regards,

  5. Larrissa Martin

    I am absolutely loving the maple pancake cookies, they are so yummy and if I eat an extra one, I feel so full/almost bloated. I love the chocolate brownie ones too but the maple pancakes are my absolute favourite! They do make you feel full and i’m only just starting on them and they are already making a difference! Love them! :)

  6. KR ( author of “The Inside Story of Cancer”)

    Having battled weight gain for decades, I am delighted to tell others that Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet really works. I lost 5 kgs in the first week which is phenomenal for me. The cookies are pleasant enough and I especially enjoy the variety of Chocolate Brownie and Cinnamon Oatmeal cookies. It is all so easy as you only have to prepare your evening meal. It is an ideal regime for everyone especially busy people and it works!

  7. Doris Israel

    I am going really well with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. I love them! I have been on every diet you can think of and I can’t last for two weeks with out munching on other food in between. With the cookie diet I’m not craving for chips or junk food :-) and I have been on them for two and a half weeks I have lost 5kg and I feel great. Thanks OzHealth family for giving me this chance to lose weight and feel great.

  8. John Zader

    In the first two weeks of going on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet I have dropped 4 kilos and feel a lot better for it. I don’t get hungry throughout the day and I sleep a lot better. I was 117+ kgs when I started and last weigh in I was 111.7. I feel this diet really works.

  9. Nicole Nation

    I was sceptical about the diet until I tried it, the cookies taste great, hard to stop people from stealing them from me. I find that I am not feeling hungry at all during the day and I then enjoy my meal at night. I have been on the program for 1 week and so far have lost 4 kilos. Highly recommend as it is great tasting and easy.

  10. Di Williams

    Since losing over 30kg a number of years ago i’ve been stuck on a plateau unable to lose the last 10kg to get to my target weight. I’ve been eating the cookies for a month now and have already lost 4kg which is amazing! They’re great value for money as i’ve been saving $100/week on my grocery bill and best of all, I don’t have to think about what to eat each day, just one meal to decide on – it’s SO EASY :) The cookies taste great and i’ve also lost my bad habbit of snacking on lollies in the afternoon – it’s nice not to be hungry all the time too. 6kg to go and i’ll be ready for Summer early this year!

  11. Lisa-Marie Farnhill Follow up

    Hi its Lisa Marie! I thought I would give you an update on my progress since my interview in April on Today Tonight in Sydney Australia. Since then I have Stuck to Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies and have lost a further 11.5kg in 4 months. So all in total in 5 months I have lost an amazing 19kgs. Now I’m only 1kg off my goal weight. The Cookie Diet has changed my life. I eat healthier, I no longer crave sweets. I am more active and motivated to go to the gym and i love it! My self-esteem has risen and I really enjoy going clothes shopping. Once I reach my goal weight i will be able to have a healthy breakfast and slowly wean myself off the cookies, using them only as a healthy snack alternative as I learn to manage my eating regime and keep the weiht off. I recommend Dr Siegal’s cookies to anyone who wants to lose weight. If you are determined and head strong you will succeed in reaching your goal. Thankyou Dr Siegal. I have been trying to lose weight for the last 15 years and failed every time. I have been on your diet cookies for 5 months and i look and feel amazing. My friends and family, and especially my husband who has supported me through this diet, are all very proud of me. Thanks again.

  12. Pamela P.

    Yes the cookies are working. I work from home and so for years I have wished for a diet that involved cups of tea with biscuits, to have at my desk! It might seem bland to some, but not to me. My fave snack is now a diet that works! I only want to lose about 5 kilos, so this is perfect – with a decent meal at night. I am already an avid walker, so….it is all going well. My clothes are much looser (after only 2 weeks) and I will probably weigh myself in a couple more weeks (when I remember!)

  13. Sylvie M.

    The cookies have changed my life! I’ve lost about 10kgs now in about 5/6 weeks and I’ve never felt better. The best thing I found that is actually CHEAPER to be ON THE COOKIES then off them, its only $50 a week when you buy the month supply, so it really cuts down on my shopping cart bill! It such a convenient and easy diet to follow, I just have a cookie or two whenever I feel hungry through out the day and a substantial dinner of chicken and salad. I recommend this great diet to everyone that wants to lose weight and take control of their lives!

  14. Marita Lunn

    I have been on the cookie diet since Tuesday (6 days) and have lost over 2 kilo’s. The cookies are yummy, my favorite being the maple pancake. They are so filling. I feel so good for losing the weight and very motivated and will be eating cookies till I reach my desired weight. Thank you Dr Siegal :)

  15. Rhonda J.

    I have been eating Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies for 1 week and have lost 1.8 kilograms which is pretty good as I only need to lose about 7kg. It is a very convenient diet for me especially at work mid morning and mid afternoon when I need a coffee and a snack. I have had a couple of hungry periods but as diets go (and I have tried them all) it is the best and most effective for me so far….but it has only been one week! lol

  16. Caroline McDonald

    Hi, my name is Caroline McDonald and I have lost 13kgs in 7 weeks on the Cookie Diet. I have tried every diet known to man including prescription diet pills. The only thing that has worked is the Cookie Diet. I am so excited that I have finally found something that works for me. I have 3 jobs so I find it hard to stick to traditional dieting because of time restraints. This is perfect, all I do is eat the cookie and keep going. It would be a perfect diet for people who drive for a living, because you don’t have to heat anything up or prepare food that ends up soggy and hot by lunchtime. I’m also walking every day because I have so much more energy. If I can do it anyone can. Thank you

  17. Neil Cuthbertson

    Hi, my name is Neil Cuthbertson, 44 years old and live in the Gold Coast. I would like to thank Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet – I have been on them for the last 3 months. In total I have lost 27kgs and feel fantastic. I have never really dieted before and realised I needed to do something quickly as I had slowly been gaining weight over the last couple of years. I searched different diets on the internet and came across the cookie diet. I thought to myself this diet is perfect for me, eating cookies and drinking lots of water with one meal at night. Being an avid golfer and having a 12 year old daughter I now find I am able to walk up hills and do a lot more activities a lot easier than I was able to before the cookie diet. The cookies are convenient and easy too, very portable. I received my cookies I followed the program for the first 2 weeks and then found I didn’t need as many cookies per day as the program suggested. Much to my surprise in the first week I lost 7 kgs I was so proud of myself I kept going and found I was losing weight very quickly week after week. Once again thank you Dr Siegal for your diet.

  18. Beshoy Ayad

    After working in the Fitness Industry for almost 5 years, in my experience I can see a clear attraction towards using The Cookie Diet. It has proven to be successful, easy to use and immediate. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies taste good and help my clients stick to their diet as it controls their hunger. I would highly recommend using Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet in junction to an exercise plan for the purpose of weight loss and maintaining overall well being.

  19. Alice Mazioun

    Lost 13kgs in 4 months and stopped my Diabetes Medication! I am having a really positive experience with Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet, and I want to share it with all my relatives and friends who need to lose weight and are looking for the right diet. I have started at the end of July – I was hesitant to start as I know that every cookie has 4 grams of sugar but my colleague (who is a Pharmacist) encouraged me saying that if I am eating rice or bread this has more sugar than the cookies and he advised me to monitor my blood sugar as I have type 2 diabetes. So I started the Cookie Diet! To be honest the first 2 days were the hardest days to give up breakfast for 2 cookies in the morning that wasn’t easy then I got used to it and as time went it got much much easier. I have lost 13 kilos and I am still on them as I have to lose 4 more kilos to get to the right size for my height, honestly I am so happy with the way I look now and my husband too is very proud of me, the most important thing that on the first week I have checked my blood sugar level and went down to 2.7 then I called my GP and she asked me to stop taking the medication as I used to take half a tablet daily after breakfast, my last blood sugar level I did at the pathology last week was 5.8 which is perfect. I would also like to mention that I follow the diet 5 days a week and have a break on the weekend and it still worked amazingly for me! Thank you Dr. Siegal for this amazing product and it will be my pleasure to discuss my experience with anyone that has enquiries.

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