Top 4 Migraine and Headache Relief Remedies

image of a beautiful young woman with headache

Top 4 Migraine and Headache Relief Remedies

image of a beautiful young woman with headache

Are you looking for proven remedies for migraine and headache relief? We have created a list of instant migraine and headache relief tips that you can easily implement at home. These instant migraine relief tips and headache relief interventions will take the pain away fast, so you can go back to your daily routine.



  • Drink plenty of water


The simple activity of drinking water can make your headache disappear fast. In some cases, headaches are triggered by dehydration. The scarcity of fluids on a cellular level trigger receptors in the brain causing headache attacks.

Staying hydrated is also guaranteed to prevent the occurrence of headaches.



  • Massage therapy


An hour of relaxing massage can alleviate headache and even migraine. Massage therapy improves overall circulation and relaxes the muscles in the body. Getting regular massages also reduces the frequency of headaches and migraine attacks.



  • Acupressure


Acupressure is an alternative healing discipline that involves the application of increasing pressure on trigger points across the body. Pinching affected areas with the thumb and finger reduces the pressure and strain brought about by headaches and migraines.

When combined with a relaxing hot bath and aromatherapy, your headache will surely disappear fast.



  • Follow a healthy and clean diet


Adopting a healthier diet also helps in reducing the incidence of migraine and headache attacks. Avoiding certain food items significantly reduces the frequency of headaches. The following food items are common headache triggers. We highly recommend reduced consumption or completely eliminating them from your diet:

  • Drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and commercial beverages.
  • Food items that are laden with monosodium glutamate including soups, stews, and processed canned goods.
  • Processed meats such as sausages and hotdogs contain nitrates that are potential headache triggers.
  • Food items that contain high amounts of tyramine such as cheeses.

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