How to Treat Arthritis Ankle Pain at Home

image of a woman suffering from hand arthritis grimace in pain

How to Treat Arthritis Ankle Pain at Home

image of a woman suffering from hand arthritis grimace in pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of autoimmune disease that results in the joints becoming chronically inflamed. While the most distinguishing characteristics of this disease are inflamed tissues surrounding the joints such as those of the ankles, it can cause injuries and inflammation to the other organs, too.

Autoimmune diseases, such as this type of arthritis, occur when the body mistakenly attacks its own immune system. For more information on the symptoms and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, read on.

Does arthritis cause ankle pain?

Ankle arthritis is a less common condition, but occurs nonetheless when joints located between the shin bone and ankle bone are worn out over time. This nagging pain can become excruciating if left untreated. Typically, people who suffer from pain and stiffness in the feet and ankle have reduced mobility which stops them from performing even simple activities such as walking. When left untreated, ankle arthritis can significantly reduce one’s productivity, thus having a negative influence on an individual’s quality of life.

How do you know if you have arthritis in your ankles?

Ankle arthritis is characterised by pain around the ankle joint. Other symptoms of this condition are as follows:

  • Ankle stiffness
  • Swelling and redness around the joint
  • Ankle joint deformity
  • Bone spurs that cause lumpy appearance of the joint
  • Imbalance or instability or a sensation that the join may eventually give out

Top arthritis in-home treatments

The good news is that there are ways to alleviate the pain causes by ankle arthritis. Here are some of them:

  • Change of footwear

A few modifications on your footwear can significantly reduce the amount of pain and discomfort around the ankle joint. You can install cushioned inserts or go to a shoe specialist for a customised shoe featuring rocker-bottom sole that is perfect for ankle arthritis patients.

  • Slight activity change

If you are unwilling to undergo surgery to treat ankle arthritis, it’s a good idea to make slight modifications to your activities so you don’t feel exacerbation of symptoms. For instance, you may be recommended to limit high-impact activities such as running.

  • Medications

Ankle arthritis in-home treatments include the intake of medications that reduce inflammation and alleviate the pain intensity during flare ups. The most common medications that are prescribed to arthritis patients are anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections.

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